RISD Anti-Racism Coalition (risdARC) is dedicated to combating our institution’s prolonged history of anti-Blackness, marginalization, and discrimination along with the intersections of global systems of oppression affecting our community. We support and advocate for the needs of all students of color regardless of ethnicity, race, disability, gender, or sexuality.

RISD Resources & Readings

    ︎︎︎Room of Silence
    ︎︎︎Not Your Token
    ︎︎︎RISD & Race Forum
    ︎︎︎RISD & Race Forum Transcript (Coming Soon)
    ︎︎︎Student Newspapers Archive
    ︎︎︎Center for Social Equity + Inclusion Action Plan
    ︎︎︎Social Equity Action Plan

BI+POC RISD Resources

    ︎︎︎RISD Grants
    ︎︎︎International Student Scholarships
    ︎︎︎Black Wellness Guide by Chantal Feitosa (RISD Alumni)

General Resouces & Readings


    ︎︎︎Youth Activist Toolkit
    ︎︎︎Data For Black Lives

The Classroom & the Institution

    ︎︎︎Decolonial Strategies for the Art History Classroom
    ︎︎︎ The Art College, Education, and Institutional White Fragility: A Case Study by Elizabeth Chin
    ︎︎︎Decolonizing Reader by Ramon Tejada (GD Faculty)

Dismantling Racism

    ︎︎︎How to Dismantle Racism Masterlist
    ︎︎︎Anti-racist Packet