RISD Anti-Racism Coalition (risdARC) is dedicated to combating our institution’s prolonged history of anti-Blackness, marginalization, and discrimination along with the intersections of global systems of oppression affecting our community. We support and advocate for the needs of all students of color regardless of ethnicity, race, disability, gender, or sexuality.

Response of FAV Department

July 13 2020

Written By:
Sheri Wills, Department Head

Sent to:
FAV Department

Dear FAV Students and 2020 Alums,

I hope you are all doing OK and finding ways to relax this summer.

You will find, attached, FAVs response to the important and impactful RISD & Race student-organized forum on June 16, 2020. If you have not yet seen the forum, please do watch it – here is the link. (risdARC agreed to extend the deadline for responses to July 15).

These changes comprise just one component of the larger work of dismantling racist systems in the department, at RISD, and in society. We welcome your questions, comments, concerns, feedback, and involvement in this meaningful and ongoing process.

Warmest wishes,

View PDF Document Here.