RISD Anti-Racism Coalition (risdARC) is dedicated to combating our institution’s prolonged history of anti-Blackness, marginalization, and discrimination along with the intersections of global systems of oppression affecting our community. We support and advocate for the needs of all students of color regardless of ethnicity, race, disability, gender, or sexuality.

BI+POC Faculty Statement

July 8 2020

Written By:
Emanuel Admassu
Alero Akporiaye
Alejandro Borsani 
Jessica Brown
Namita Vijay Dharia
Megan Finch
Paula Gaetano-Adi
Avishek Ganguly
Adela Goldbard
Lisa Z. Morgan
Ijlal Muzaffar
Christopher Roberts
Ramon Tejada,
Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa

Sent to:
President Rosanne Somerson
Provost Kent Kleinman
Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Please see attached a letter from some junior BIPoC faculty. We invite all recipients to feel free to share this letter and email among our various RISD communities.

We look forward to The President's response, and to the upcoming announcements on Weds 15th July.

Read Full PDF Here.